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ScreensPro app Version 2.0

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Mac OS - Mountain Lion

For the latest Mountain Lion, we have created a fix that works:

1) Download and install the above software.

2) Download

3) Double click ScrnsPro.saver (its on the zip) and choose "replace" when prompted.

Old MAC versions - Older or equal than 10.6.8

For older MAC versions, you may need to follow this fix that will make the software work:

1) Download and install the above software.

2) Download

3) Double click ScrnsPro.saver (its on the zip) and choose "replace" when prompted.

What are the key features of ScreensPro Version 2?

Registered users get 20 free HD screensavers.

Enables you to quickly browse and select your free/purchased HD screensavers.

Select from up to 3 different HD resolutions to get the best results for your computer.

Works on most machines... Mac OSX/Snow Leopard/Lion and Windows XP/Vista/7

Ability to overlay your company logo or any other image.

Allows installation on 3 computers per license (home, office and laptop, for instance).


What do I need to run your animated screensavers?

Our ScreensPro HD Screensaver software.

1GHz+ CPU (some animated screen savers will require more power).

50MB disk space.

Windows (XP, Vista, 7) or Mac OSX 10.4+ (Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard).

Adobe AIR (included in the app). This software may require a connection to the internet.

An internet connection.


How do I install your animated screensavers?

Click the above button (Mac or Windows) and download. Unzip the file and launch the installer, then follow the simple on screen instructions. You may get prompted to install Adobe Air, this software is used to run our application and is perfectly safe.


Your screensaver does not show up in my screensaver settings?

We have found certain setups have trouble installing our software (we are working to fix this bug). The quick fix is to locate your screensprodata folder, (something like C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\screensprodata) Right click ScrnsPro.scr and click install. This should fix the problem.

How do I access the Screensaver panel on my OS?

For Windows, right click your display and goto properties. Then click the screensaver tab.

For Mac, goto system preferences and click then "desktop and screensaver" button.


Is there any spyware, adware or malware within your products?

No. We keep our site and software 100% free of spyware, adware, malware, or any other type of third-party software. We believe in our products and want them to be as widely used as possible, anything that would take away our reputation would not fit in with our policy of providing the best quality animated HD screensavers on the internet.


Why after some time playing the screensaver, does my monitor go black (Windows & Mac)?

Change your energy/power settings and set Display Sleep/Turn Off Monitor  to "Never".


apokrell says:22nd May 2011
how do i set the waiting time to sceersaver to star working on my dispaly? there is no setting for that on the program screenPro
Screenspro Team
Screenspro Team says:22nd May 2011
Hi, You need to use the settings of your OS... for instance, on windows, you can right click your screen and select properties/Screen Saver
sylo says:11th Oct 2011
Are these not supported by windows XP?
Screenspro Team
Screenspro Team says:11th Oct 2011
Windows XP is supported.
yoshinat0r says:19th Oct 2011
Do the screensavers have sound in the full versions?

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