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Frequently Asked Questions
I have purchased 1 or more of your products, how do I download them?

All purchased products are available via our desktop software. Once you have downloaded the software, just login and then click "purchased items". You can then click "apply" to download and run the screensaver of your choice.

I want to buy some products, is the site safe to use my credit card?

Yes, we have a very tight security system to ensure your details don't get into the wrong hands. Our credit vendor ( is a leading company in the ecommerce market and will ensure your payment is both safe and easy.

Which payment methods do you accept?

Our payment system will accept all major credit and debit cards. We also have the paypal payment system for users with a paypal account.

Do I receive my purchase straight away?

Typically your screensaver will be available to download immediately after purchase. If this isnt the case simply email us and our support team will activate it for you as soon as possible.

How do I install the free animated screensaver software?

Here are instructions and links to download the free animated screensaver software for your PC or Apple Mac computer.

What do I need to run your animated screensavers?

You will need the following to run our animated screen savers:

Our desktop application.
An internet connection.
1ghz+ CPU (some animated screen savers will require more power).
5mb disk space.
Windows XP/Vista/7/8.
Mac OSX/Snow Leopard/Yosemite.

How do I uninstall the animated screensaver software?

On windows, find the folder you have installed our software too (usually programs/screenspro) and click the uninstall button. If you use a Mac, goto your application folder and just delete the application.

Is there any spyware within your products?

No. We keep our site and software 100% free of spyware, adware, malware, or any other type of third-party software. We believe in our products and want them to be as widely used as possible. Anything that would take away our reputation would not fit in with our policy of providing the best quality animated screensavers on the internet.

How does the All Access pass work?

If you choose to buy an All Access pass, all our screensavers will become available to you via our animated screensaver desktop application as soon as you log in. It is very simple to use and you will be able to choose from our entire range of animated screen savers. The saving potential is amazing and you could be viewing a new screen saver every day!

Can I use the screensaver video in any other media (websites, etc)?

No, you are buying the rights to display the screensaver on your computer (up to 3 computers). The video contained within the screensaver is copyrighted to ScreensPro and using it in any other form than a screensaver will break our copyright and will result in legal action.

Can I use the purchased screensaver on other pcs?

Yes, you are buying a license that allows you to display the screensaver on any 3 computers that you have downloaded our software on to. This gives you the freedom to have all your computers dislpay our screensavers (your work pc, home pc and laptop, for instance)

Some products don't run very well on my computer. Is there anything I can do?

Open the ScreensPro software and click the "Settings" button. If your computer is struggling, we sugest that you set the screensaver to a lower resolution and keep a fixed ratio.

Our company would like to resell one or more of your screensavers, is this possible?

There will be two ways to resell our animated screensavers.

1) We are currently building an affiliate system that will allow you to sell our products via your website and you will make a % of each sale. Please email us for details.

2) You can buy a reseller license for $75 usd (per screensaver). This allows you sell the screensaver on your site without us taking a %.

We would like a business account to run screensavers on computers within our business, is this possible?

Yes, we can offer a business license on any screensaver or an All Access pass, for use on multiple systems within your business (more than 3). Please email us at for details.

What if my resolution is different to your available sizes?

Our application will fit the video to your screen, regardless of resolution. You can also use the "settings" button to manually chose how a screensaver will display on your screen. It is always best to test out our free screensavers using the desktop application before you purchase your chosen screensaver.

My computer uses multiple monitors, will the screensaver show in all screens?

Yes, you have a multi-monitor option for the Windows Version packed with the software. Just apply a screensaver and change the settings accordingly to enable a multi-monitor screensaver.

On the Mac, you can have the screensaver running on all screens (the default is to only display on the main monitor though). To set your Mac to run on mulitple screens:

[System Preferences] -> [Desktop & Screen Saver] -> [Screen Saver] (Main Screen Only) un-checked this option.

Can I add a logo/image above the screensaver?

Yes, if you go to the settings page on the app, you will find an image upload feature. You can upload your logo (or any other image) in the PNG format. If you export your logo with a transparent background, it will look great on top of the screensaver and further personalizes your screen.

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