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Mountain Lion OS and Mavericks (Mac) Quick Fix

Mountain Lion OS and Mavericks (Mac) Quick Fix

Written by Screenspro Team - 07/09/2012

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As some of you might have noticed, the new Mavericks and Mountain Lion OS for Apple Mac has caused a few issues for our software. We will add a full fix to the next version of our software, but in the meantime, we have created a quick fix. Install the current software, then follow these simple insutructions.

For Mavericks:

1 - download
2 - double click ScrnsPro.saver (its on the zip) and choose "replace" when prompted.


For Mountain Lion:

1 - download
2 - double click ScrnsPro.saver (its on the zip) and choose "replace" when prompted.

Thanks for your pateince,


Tom Davison
Tom Davison says:12th Jan 2013
Sorry to say your quick fix isnt working with my latest version of Mountain Lion OS X. v10.8.2 When are you likely to get this fixed? I just bought a life time access to all screen savers....
Screenspro Team
Screenspro Team says:13th Jan 2013
It works on our 2 test machines with that OS.

Maybe you have something install that is causing issues. I will refund your order.
Tom Davison
Tom Davison says:13th Jan 2013
OK. Thanks. Its just not revising your initial software and Probably due to having the most up to date Edition that doesnt help. Thanks for refunding the order.

Tom Davison
Whitewave says:16th Jan 2013
Jay ~ Thanks for your email explaining about this problem...but I did d/l the software when I first joined & purchased my first two screensavers; after I had written to you I noticed that it was right there in front of me...duh!  :)
Anyway, I have already used both of the purchased savers, also tried out a couple of the free ones & they have all been fine on my Mac.
So it's all good here...thanks again for your help & I am looking forward to being able to purchase more ~ some of the screensavers I have seen here @ your site are truly lovely!! And I absolutely LOVE all the color & variety of choices here!!
Have a great day!!  :)
Screenspro Team
Screenspro Team says:16th Jan 2013
Great to hear, thanks for your kind words!
mac_study says:17th Mar 2013
THANKS !!!!!
Steven J Mitchell
Steven J Mitchell says:7th May 2014
To Whom It May Concern and Jay Birch
I Downloaded the Mavericks mac quick fix which worked for all the free Screen Savers I went to my purchases to try to active my purchasers nothing I did will active the screens savers in my purchasers all brought and buying Screens Savers will not active also the purchases to active gives a message you have already purchased this Item and will not active only the Free Screen Savers are now easy to change. My Warmest Regards Steven Mitchell
Gavmari says:11th May 2014
Hi there. I also bought a lifetime access. Unfortunately, it won't work for my macbook air w/c has OSX 10.9.2. I tried installing the fix indicated above- several times. But it still didn't work. Do you have any other suggestions? Any advice will be highly appreciated. Thank you.
Screenspro Team
Screenspro Team says:13th May 2014
I can't think of anything else that isn't allowing you to install the application and the screensavers.
Do you have another Macbook Air with OSX 10.9.2 from a friend or so to try it out? We tested here and all is working okay after the Fix.

Nonetheless, in the next few months we will be releasing a permanent version that runs on all Mac's without the need of a fix.
Laura says:30th Nov 2014
Hello I don't have a comment I have a question but first cliff-notes i had used screensPro from 2009 to 2012-13 and it stopped working was incompatible so i stopped using it and uninstalled it until now I got as far as downloading it then I saw the comments now i have the latest operating system OS X Yosemite will i be able to use ScreenPro2

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