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What HD Screensavers do you want next?

What HD Screensavers do you want next?

Written by Screenspro Team - 24/02/2011

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Hi, we would like to get some feedback on what kind of HD screensavers you want to see more of.... Video screensavers? Computer generated Screensavers? Nature screensavers? Any specific places or subjects?

We want to create a library that our customers really want to use, so let us know your ideas and we will try our best to get the screensavers online.

Thanks for your continued support, Jay.

Peter Croughan
Peter Croughan says:29th Apr 2011
As a suggestion (this might be a huge project) , there a few protein structure screensavers out there for Macs ( but none for Windows... As a nerd, i'd love one of those.

Also, anything with space (this would obviously have to be a cg one)
Screenspro Team
Screenspro Team says:2nd May 2011
Thanks Peter, we will definitely look to add more Space screensavers.... i'll have to take a look at the nerd ones, maybe we can code something up!

All the best, Jay
Adam V. Pilon
Adam V. Pilon says:13th May 2011

How about some screensavers that fetch real data – For instance, a big, colorful stock ticker. Or, how about a screen saver that fetches local weather data and shows maps of radar, temperature, etc.
Screenspro Team
Screenspro Team says:13th May 2011
Thank Adam, great ideas... I'm pretty sure we can add anything that works with Adobe Flash, so I will start looking into it. Some Android/Ipad apps could be cool too, with video background.
Adam V. Pilon
Adam V. Pilon says:2nd Jun 2011
You have a lot of excellent screen savers. I'm using them as 'art' in a lobby. How about a "random" setting that changes the displayed screensaver once per hour? Having the ability to randomly switch would be excellent. -- Adam
Screenspro Team
Screenspro Team says:2nd Jun 2011
Hi Adam, thanks for the suggestion... It is definitely part of our future plans, we have just created a DVD/Offline version that does exactly that, now we need to work it into the desktop version.
laxkeeno says:20th Jun 2011
I'm sure I'll come up with other suggestions, but I think time lapses of plants growing, blooming, etc. would be especially interesting. A stark contrast between plant and background (maybe just a black one) would really make it stick out as well.
Kooter says:10th Jul 2011
Excellent video screensavers,'s about time there were some "real" video (that I could find anyways) that you can use as a screensaver. Great job! I would agree with Adam V. Pilon - a random screensaver option would be great also the time lapse idea would be really cool too! Great suggestion laxkeeno. I'm really looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this great site. Just want to mention that the price is fantastic as well, there are a lot of crap screensavers out there that charge $19.95 to download, yours are far better that any that I've seen. Keep up the great work! The one suggestion I have, since I'm a fish enthusiast, is a shot of the front of a cool aquarium with REAL fish! All of the generated "fish" screensavers out there just don't do it for me.
Screenspro Team
Screenspro Team says:10th Jul 2011
Thanks Kooter, nice to hear such positive feedback. We will be getting some nice fish/aquarium shots soon... just waiting for our RED Epic camera to launch so that we can get it in perfect quality. We are hopefully going to hire the whole aqaurium for 1 hour to get some really professional looking video.

Regards, Jay
Inickx says:5th Aug 2011
Morre Apple like screensavers which match my macbook : )

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