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Written by Screenspro Team - 26/11/2010

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We are proud to launch our new website... if you were a visitor to the old site, i'm sure you will see alot of new features and a great new HD screensaver app.

So, what have we added? Well, we have made the site a whole lot friendlier and more sociable. Now you can comment on and rate the HD screensavers we add. Be honest, if you love something, that's great... let us know... if you think we have added a screensaver that isn't up to our usual standard, be brutal! We want to have the best collection of HD screensavers online and your feedback will help achieve that.

We have also added a larger and faster preview page where you can clearly see the HD screensaver you will be downloading. We have also added a larger preview popup, so that you can better gauge how the HD screensaver will look and run on your machine.

As you can see, we have also added a blog section so that you can keep up to date with news, promotions, events and our adventures as we film the next batch of HD screensavers. We have added a comments section to each of the blogs so that you can chat to us and other users and let us know your thoughts.

We have also added a huge 500 new HD screensavers to the collection! The HD videos are shot in amazing locations around the world. Get ready for many more as we bring you more screensavers from the mountains of Nepal through to the midnight sun of Iceland. Some truly exciting screensavers are on the way, so please check back regularly.

Last but not least, we have added a brand new, very advanced screensaver application so that you can easily browse and set your HD screensavers on your desktop. The new app needs to be seen to be believed... it is amazing, if I do say so myself (I use it every day!). The app runs on both Windows for PC and OSX for the Apple Mac.

If you have any comments on the new site, I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Jay Birch - ScreensPro Manager.

Martin G Mchale
Martin G Mchale says:11th Feb 2011
Hi, the new app looks very slick and shiny ;) however am i perhaps missing something here, it looks like the screensaver is downloaded every time i select it, even if it's been downloaded previously, which makes quickly flipping between screensavers a complete pain in the arse particularly with slow connection speed  :(

the previous version was difficult enough, but still possible to drag and drop from a previously download folder into the screenspro folder. But that doesdnt seem to be posible anymore? With version 2 how do i flip quickly and painlessly through the various screensavers which have been already downloaded, or is there a workaround as per version 1?

Many thanks
Screenspro Team
Screenspro Team says:11th Feb 2011
Hi Martin, thanks for the comment. The screensaver itself is not downloading each time... just the preview, which we didn't want to store and bloat up your computer. I will chat to our coders to see if a faster method can be added.

Thanks, Jay
Screenspro Team
Screenspro Team says:11th Feb 2011
We have now fixed the cache problem. Please download the new version to test it out.

Thanks again Martin.
Michel Lacoste
Michel Lacoste says:13th Feb 2011
Is it possible to set one of the screensavers as background animated desktop?
Thank you.
Screenspro Team
Screenspro Team says:13th Feb 2011
Hi Michel, currently, it is not possible. But we are looking into it and it will be a free upgrade if we find a way that doesn't affect the CPU too much.

Thanks, Jay
kenlics says:18th Mar 2011
Its not working on my windows xp. If I test screen saver, it doesn't appear on the list of screen savers to select. I have version 2. I thought I would be able to buy business screen savers once the test works (^_^)
Screenspro Team
Screenspro Team says:18th Mar 2011
Hi Kenlics, there are a few glitches with certain setups, we are trying to fix them, but for now... there is a workaround:

Please take a look at the 1st post.
Mike Keenan
Mike Keenan says:2nd Sep 2011
Are you going to ever reissue the "choose random screensaver" like the older version had. I liked having a different one every time - or is that option still there I am just missing it?
Screenspro Team
Screenspro Team says:4th Sep 2011
Hi, it will be in the next version.

Thanks, Jay
Tauseef A Baig
Tauseef A Baig says:21st Oct 2011
Hi. I tried downloading the software and few "Free Contents" last night on my Laptop, it worked fine. This morning I subscribed and when tried executing the software, I am getting something "Error#101 Computer not verified". I have tried un-installing and reinstalling it again but did not work. Any help, you can render me in this regard?


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